James Way HF 3-Ton Jack Skid

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The James Way Off-Road Jack Skid Plate for the HF 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is designed with the heavy load in mind. Constructed from 3/16" Aluminum, you can count on this skid to hold up to some serious abuse. Handles are cut into both ends to give you somewhere to grab when moving the jack, especially when the factory handles are removed to fit in tighter locations. Symmetrical design gives the jack the same approach angle in both directions, and allows you to mount the jack in either direction using the JWOR mounting kit. Can be used with or without the factory wheels and handles. Necessary hardware is included.

Available soon - the James Way Off-Road 3-Ton Skid Plate Mounting System! This steel mounting tray can be ran with the jack in either direction, giving you more options on how YOU want to store your jack. Utilizing a hook type mount on one end and a spring loaded T-handle pull pin on the other, the securely mounted jack can be removed in seconds with no tools needed. There is also a tab beside the pull pin allowing you to lock your jack in place for storage. *** Available January 2018 ***